FREE and PERSONALISED Post-Processing Tutorial Videos

Problems editing your photos? Don't understand Layer Masks?

Can't quite understand that technique you were reading about?

This could be the answer you're looking for!

I am offering a free service to anyone who has any difficulties in post-processing. It can be as simple or as advanced as you require! Anything, from how to sharpen a photo or create a simple border, to how to create a great looking portrait or correct an annoying colour cast! Or from leveling a horizon to removing telephone wires from a stunning landscape. (On an unrelated note, for a highly detailed DVD on grunge post-processing techniques, you should check out Joey Lawrence's offer.)

I will record a video, with commentary, showing and explaining step-by-step how to post-process your photography in the way you always wanted. I offer this service absolutely free. I am doing it because I like to help people out. Working on it will also help me perfect my editing techniques and inspire me to keep learning myself. If you find the video really helpful, I gratefully accept donations of any amount, but these are in no way required! I don't mind if I don't make a single penny! (Although even a tiny donation would help me get through university, hehe)

For those of you who are kind enough to donate, I will also send the .psd file I used upon request, so you can see for yourself the methods used, and experiment with them at a later date.

If you ask about something I'm not familiar with, or not confident enough with to make a video about, I will research and practice with it until I'm happy. This is how I get value out of the service myself. If I don't manage to do it to the quality you were after, no problem, since it's free!Think of it as a chance to laugh at my silly British accent!

This is not a post-processing service. I don't post-process photos for you if you don't have the time or will to do them for yourself. It is purely an educational service for anyone who wants to learn.

I mostly use Adobe Photoshop CS2, which is what I am best at, but I can also offer videos in other software, as long as it is available legally on the internet for free.

BenSo what are you waiting for? Email me today for a FREE customised Post Processing tutorial video!

Scroll down to view videos that I've already recorded!

PSD File Available
Editing "Lake Yellowstone" Photoshop CS2 Personal Video 27:34
Actions and Batch Processing Photoshop CS2 No 7:14
Layer Masks (sorry about sound quality - old mic!) Photoshop CS2 Yes 9:45
Unsharp Mask Photoshop CS2 No 8:19
Colour to Black & White Fade Photoshop CS2 Yes 1:38
Resizing and Saving for Paint Shop Pro 8 No 7:01